The game moves players through a number of different processes vital to successful social networking, from making connections with other players to negotiating the use of resources. The first player to accomplish their goal, and list of tasks associated with it, wins the game.

The Game of Networking requires players to acquire the appropriate social resource cards to accomplish their goals to simulate a real life situation. Both the facilitator and the players will find the real value of the game in its ability to highlight key learning points throughout the playing process. Skills required for the game include the ability to get information from other players, strategizing and negotiation skills.

At the core of social networking is the process and how we move through it to achieve our objectives. The Game of Networking: The Board Game, has two components to it; 1) the game set, or otherwise known as the social networking process, and 2) the context, or what is known as the card set.

Click to cycle through some examples of goal, resource and opportunity cards (Taken from the Career Edition Card Set).

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